Welcome to the OpenUnderwriter help pages.

These pages are made up of HOW-TOs, user guides, reference information and other articles which are provided as part of OpenUnderwriter. The articles have been contributed by the OpenUnderwriter team and other contributors from the user community. We hope you find them useful! You are very much encouraged to make use of these articles and to contribute to them. We value any contribution; from correcting spelling mistakes to providing completly new articles, all improvements are helpful to the community.

Like OpenUnderwriter itself, all of these articles are open source and are covered by the GPL license.


This section includes articles which are relevant to OpenUnderwriter as a whole rather than being specific to one of the applications.


  • Product Development Tutorial

    This tutorial takes you through the process of modifying an existing product to include a new question, and how the answer that a proposer gives to that question can be used to influence rating and referral rules.


  • Schema Standards

    A suggested standard defining a set of conventions aimed at making actuarial repository databases easier to use and manage.

  • Motor Schema

    The detailed definition of a schema for Motor data. This schema is used by the demonstration included in OpenActuary and implements the above standards.

  • First Steps in Talend

    Tutorial that takes you though the process of installing and using the Talend ETL tool to access an OpenActuary actuarial repository.

  • First Steps in Birt

    A step by step guide to installing and using the Birt reporting tool to access information held in an OpenActuary repository.

  • ETL Scenarios

    This article outlines an approach to performing ETL exports to an OpenActuary repository. Motor is used as an example, but the approach is valid elsewhere.

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